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    The Bulletproof Mission is simple – to teach women and children how to avoid and escape dangerous – and potentially deadly – situations.  Our classes combine easy-to-learn self-defense techniques with personal safety and situational awareness education.  Bulletproof students learn not only how to escape violent situations, but how to avoid them in the first place.  

    Our mission originally started with the book “Bulletproof: Safety, Security, and Self-Defense for the College-Bound Woman.”  It was written by Leah Severson as a way to prepare her own teenage daughters to safely navigate the world. 

    Leah has a degree in journalism from Florida International University and spent more than a decade working in television news.  She is a certified self-defense instructor and a facilitator for the One Love Foundation, an organization whose mission is to educate young people about relationship violence. She spent more than four years researching the safety and security issues young women face and interviewing dozens of victims and their relatives, along with experts in crime, mental health issues, self-defense and personal protection. This is her second book.

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