They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and my guess is this picture of Hanna Lottritz will speak much more loudly to teenagers than a million lectures from parents.

    Hanna is bravely sharing her story of the night she nearly died from drinking too much. Unfortunately, it’s a story we’re hearing more and more frequently.

    Would your son or daughter know what to do if they saw a friend who was passed out from drinking too much? In Indiana, the organization Make Good Decision is on a mission to educate teens and young adults to recognize the signs that someone is not only drunk, but in a dangerous situation that requires immediate medical attention.

    -Acting unusually confused
    -Repetitively throwing up
    -Breathing is different than normal
    -Skin looks pale or bluish
    -Loss of bodily functions
    -Snoring unusually or loudly
    -Passed Out (meaning you can’t wake the person up to an alert state)

    Many young adults will delay calling for help from an adult for fear that they will be arrested, punished, etc. But there’s a nationwide push for enactment of Lifeline Laws, also called Good Samaritan Laws, that will give underage drinkers limited legal immunity when they’re calling for help for a friend. To find out what the law is in your state, visit the Medical Amnesty Initiative website.

    If you would like to read Hanna’s story, and I encourage everyone to do so, click here.

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