/home/bullet07/public html/wp content/uploads/2015/08/Bulletproof Women college kids binge drinking

    /home/bullet07/public html/wp content/uploads/2015/08/Bulletproof Women college kids binge drinking

    If a 140-pound girl drinks six beers in three hours, she’ll have a blood alcohol content of approximately .16. But what exactly does that mean? The chart below gives you an idea of how your body will react to various BAC levels.
    .02 Light to moderate drinkers begin to feel some effects.
    .04 Most people begin to feel relaxed.
    .06 Judgment is somewhat impaired.
    .08 Muscle coordination and driving skills are impaired at this point.  In most states, driving a car at .08 will get you arrested for drunk driving.
    .10 Your reaction time and control deteriorate.
    .12 You’ll probably start vomiting.
    .15 Your balance and movement are impaired. At .15, the equivalent of a half pint of whiskey is circulating in your blood stream.
    .20 Most people begin to experience blackouts.
    .30 Many people lose consciousness.
    .40 Most people lose consciousness at .40, and some die.
    .45 This is a deadly dose for most people.

    How Many Drinks Until You’re Drunk?
    Do you know how many drinks it will take to get you drunk? There’s a great website, www.AwareAwakeAlive.org that can help you figure it out. The family of Carson Starkey started the Aware, Awake, Alive Campaign after Carson died from alcohol poisoning. This site offers a fantastic tool to help calculate approximately how much you can drink before you’re drunk.

    You enter your
    • Gender
    • Weight
    • What you’re drinking
    • How much you’re drinking
    • Period of time you’ll spend drinking

    The site estimates what your blood alcohol level will be based on the information you provide.

    Bulletproof: Safety, Security and Self-Defense for the College-Bound Woman is now available on Amazon.com

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