Christmas break is the perfect time to talk to your college-aged daughters about campus safety and self-defense.   Likely you had a lengthy discussion about personal safety before you dropped them off on campus.  But after being on campus for a whole semester and staying safe the whole time, it’s possible she might decide to let her guard down a bit.  And that’s when she becomes a more likely target of violence. Remind her to:

    Pay attention to her surroundings

    Try to avoid situations that require her to walk alone, especially at night

    If she is walking alone, no earbuds, no talking on the phone, no texting.  It’s important to have all your senses alert and available.

    Listen to her gut.  If a situation or person seems odd, strange, or just gives her a creepy feeling, get away, get help, duck into a building.  

    <h2>Self-Defense Classes in Indianapolis</h2>

    Christmas break is a great time to schedule a self-defense class.  If you’re interested in getting a group together, I’d love to schedule a self-defense class for you.  Just click here.  

    Leah Severson is the author of “Bulletproof:  Safety, Security and Self-Defense for the College-Bound Woman,” and a certified self-defense instructor.  

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