Self-Defense for the Post-Holiday Break

    Ahhhh,..Christmas break.  Kids are home from school.  Work schedules are a little lighter and everyone is enjoying that after-Christmas glow. Don’t let that warm fuzzy feeling from the holidays lull you into complacency when it comes to your personal safety!  Here are some things you should be doing to prevent yourself from becoming the victim of after-Christmas Crime.

    1.  If you purchased any large, expensive items as gift, be thoughtful about disposing of the packaging.  A big-screen tv box sitting next to your trash can is like a billboard that says “new tv available here.”  Cut boxes into smaller pieces and place them inside your trash can so others can’t see what Santa brought.
    2. Keep a close eye on your credit card statements.  With so much spending going on before the holidays, plus returns and great deals afterwards, it’s easy to take your eye off your credit card transactions.  But don’t!  Sign up for spending alerts so you’ll know when someone is making a purchase with your card, then make sure to pay attention to it.
    3. If you’re doing any post-holiday shopping, remember to lock purchases in the trunk out of site from thieves.  
    4. As you’re strolling through the mall, keep you purse close to your body, keep it closed.  Do not set it down or put it in the shopping cart. 
    5. If you have relatives coming and going, you might be tempted to leave your doors unlocked or your garage door open.  Don’t.  Keep things locked up tightly.  Don’t let down your guard.

    Self-Defense Classes in Indianapolis

    If you’re looking to be safer and more secure in 2017, consider taking a Bulletproof Self-Defense class.  We can schedule a self-defense class for your group, club, team, or a Bulletproof Power Lunch at your place of work in the Indianapolis area.  Mother-daughter classes, Ladies’ Night Out, whatever works for your schedule and your group.  Email Leah via the contact button or call her at 317-379-4325 to chat.  Thanks!

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