Spring Break Safety & Self-Defense

    Spring Break trips to exotic locations are a rite of passage for many teens and young adults. Unfortunately, many are left unsupervised and without the appropriate safety and self-defense training to protect themselves.

    Leah Severson, owner of Bulletproof Self-Defense and author of “Bulletproof: Safety, Security, and Self-Defense for the College-Bound Woman” offers these tips for students heading on Spring Break.

    1. Do not go out alone. Travel in groups. Make a plan to stick together – and stick with the plan.
    2. If you’re planning on drinking, do not let anyone else have access to your drink. Order or pour your own drinks and don’t leave them unattended.
    3. Avoid hotel rooms on the first floor. They’re easier for thieves to break into.
    4. If your hotel room has a safe, lock your valuables in it.
    5. Leave expensive handbags and jewelry at home.
    6. Take cash and a credit card. Leave your debit card at home. If a thief has your debit card, he has access to your money. If he has a credit card, he has access to the credit card company’s money. You have much more protection from fraud with a credit card.
    7. Take your health insurance identification card. 8. Be careful if you’re drinking on a balcony. Every year a handful of Spring Breakers die or are seriously injured when they fall from balconies.

    It’s also important for Spring Breakers to know the signs of alcohol poisoning, which include loss of consciousness, irregular breathing, and loss of bodily functions.

    Bulletproof Self-Defense is holding two self-defense classes on March 26th in Carmel. One is for students ages high school and older, and the Bulletproof Juniors class teaches girls in 5th through 8th grade about safety, security and self-defense. For more information about Bulletproof Self-Defense classes in Carmel, click here.

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