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    Had a great time teaching self-defense in Fishers to a group of women from the Eman School.

    Sara organized the class. Here’s some feedback from her:

    “As a woman, particularly a hijabi Muslim woman, I find it absolutely necessary to be smart about my safety and to be able to physically defend myself should I be put in a situation where I might need to. So I decided to coordinate a class with Leah where I could join with other women who feel similarly, and learn a few things that will allow me to feel more confident about my ability to defend myself. And I’d say with certainty that I was not disappointed. Leah’s approach to this class is very practical and she truly wants to teach you for your own benefit. She teaches you ways of thinking that will prevent you from getting into a dangerous situation to begin with, and then ways to get out of one if you should happen to get into it. After a short class of under 2 hours, I now feel much more confident in my ability to prevent/get out of a dangerous situation, and will definitely be recommending this class to my friends and family! Thank you Leah!”

    You’re welcome Sara! Thank you for organizing this.

    Self-Defense Classes in Fishers

    If you would like to schedule a self-defense class for your group in Fishers or anywhere in the Indianapolis-area, please click the contact button at the top and drop us a note.

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