Self-Defense Classes

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    Bulletproof  Women’s Self-Defense Class

    Designed for women high-school aged and older, this one-time class will teach you personal safety techniques to keep you out of potentially dangerous situations and self-defense moves to help you escape.  This class lasts about 2 hours and is a great team-building event.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to see options on taking a public class or scheduling a private one.


    Bulletproof Power Lunch

    The Bulletproof Power Lunch is designed for working women who want a crash course in physical self-defense. We can schedule a Bulletproof Power Lunch at your office if space is available or have your employees take a class off-site at a Bulletproof facility.  


    Bulletproof Mother/Daughter Juniors (5th-8th grade)

    This class is a mother/daughter class designed specifically for girls in grades 5-8.  We’ll talk about physical self-defense as well as stranger danger, self-protection strategies, good touch, bad touch and other issues that threaten the safety and security of girls at this particular age. Moms attend this class free with their daughters.


    Attend a Bulletproof Self-Defense Class or Schedule One for Your Group


    If you are interested in taking a class keep an eye on this page.  It’s where I post information about upcoming public classes.  You can also follow Bulletproof Women’s Self-Defense on Facebook and keep updated on our classes.  Classes are $40 per person and last about 2 hours.
    If you have a group of at least six women I can schedule a class at a date and time that is convenient for your group.  Once it’s scheduled I will open the date to the public so others can attend.
    Private classes for your team, group, organization or employees are also available. Private Bulletproof classes are $400 at your location, or $500 if I provide the facility.  To schedule a private class, email